SPORTident BSM8-USB lukijaleimasin

SPORTident BSM8-USB lukijaleimasin

SPORTident BSM8-USB lukijaleimasin

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The SPORTident Station BSM8-USB is based on the BSM7-USB hardware core. The station works and can be configured like other SPORTident Stations. For environmental reasons the station has no internal battery, the power will be provided from the USB port. The new design offers a number of significant improvements and new features compared with the older series of SPORTident Stations. The new BSM8-USB Station is compatible with the already existing SPORTident System and can be used mixed with older equipment.

  • The station BSM8-DB-USB is a read out station for SI-Cards. The station is in running order as soon as connected to the PC and switches off automatically when disconnected from USB-port.
  • The BSM8-DB-USB station features with a higher transmission speed of 38400 Baud. This transmission speed automatically is selected each time the station is plugged into the USB-port. For compatibility reasons the station can be switched into a lower transmission speed of 4800 Baud. The higher transmission speed results in a significant faster SI-Card readout process.
  • The station’s backup memory can store, dependent from the SI-Card type, up to 1022 complete data records. The data in the station remain even after disconnection from the USB port.
  • The station's settings can be changed by PC-software SI-Config. Basically, the full range of functions is available. Since this station is depending on an external power supply, a programming into other modes is not useful. The inductive coupling between station BSM8-DB-USB and a “Slave”-station is improved with using a coupling stick.
  • The station’s real time clock starts with 00:00:00 when the station is connected to the PC and can be synchronized by the PC-software SI-Config. The time is not kept in the station without external power!
  • The aim was to develop a better integration of environmental protection requirements. This station does not have an internal battery. It is solely powered by the USB-port. The station BSM8 DB-USB has an extremely low power consumption, so the laptop's battery is not stressed.
  • SPORTident-Stations 7/8 feature an easy firmware upgrade mechanism. Station's firmware can be uploaded by the user directly from the PC. This keeps the station up to date and enables the implementation of additional functionality.

Application: Readout station

Max. punches: 21802 / 1022

Serial port: USB

Power supply: solely by PC's USB-port, no internal battery

Operating range: -20°C - +50°C

International protection class: IP 20 (DIN EN 60529) - no protection against splash water

Mitat: 101mm x 51mm x 19mm

Paino: 100 g

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